Laser Fumes Lead to Health Concerns


Laser machines are used for a variety of purposes: engraving, coding, marking, cutting, and more. Laser machines have a lot of pros to those who use them in their industries but they can also cause a lot of harm to those work directly with them.

The fumes that emit while a laser is in use can greatly effect a workplace. Harmful chemicals like carcinogens, cancer-causing chemicals, toxins as well as dust.

The only way to protect your workplace and workers is by investing in an All-Marks Laser Fume Extractor. Created with advanced carbon filter technology and automatic flow control system, laser fumes and particles can guarantee clean air throughout your workplace. They even warn you when filters status becomes unclean.

To increase the air quality in your workplace order an All-Marks Laser Fume extractor today.


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All-marks services the industries of aerospace, military, medical, and commercial providing the best in laser marking equipment and services.

Some of the products and services we supply include:

  • Laser Markers – some of the finest, state-of-the-art systems at competitively low prices.
  • Fume Extractors – All-marks supplies BOFA laser fume extractors and filtration systems designed to extract gaseous volatile organic compounds. Serving laser marking, coding, and engraving industries.
  • UID Solutions –serving the aerospace and Department of Defense, All-marks manufactures UID, IUID, and Unique Identification solutions for MIL-STD-130 data plates and labels.
  • Laser Services – All-marks has in-house laser marking and engraving services specifically for product identification and traceability. Using advanced technologies All-marks can mark on any material.

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