Welcome to All-Marks!


All-marks services the industries of aerospace, military, medical, and commercial providing the best in laser marking equipment and services.

Some of the products and services we supply include:

  • Laser Markers – some of the finest, state-of-the-art systems at competitively low prices.
  • Fume Extractors – All-marks supplies BOFA laser fume extractors and filtration systems designed to extract gaseous volatile organic compounds. Serving laser marking, coding, and engraving industries.
  • UID Solutions –serving the aerospace and Department of Defense, All-marks manufactures UID, IUID, and Unique Identification solutions for MIL-STD-130 data plates and labels.
  • Laser Services – All-marks has in-house laser marking and engraving services specifically for product identification and traceability. Using advanced technologies All-marks can mark on any material.

All-marks prides themselves on exceptional customer service, to speak to a representative contact All-Marks at 818.704.9700.

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